Bespoke Websites Derby

Group Piex developers hold a wealth of knowledge in producing custom bespoke web solutions, we are keen to provide clients of all sizes with the satisfactory of having a custom built solution tailored and developed to their specification or needs.

Static Website

Static websites we build are a cost-effective solution that are certainly ideal for a simple yet effective informational website delivering the information of your services to your potential customers or clients. Static websites tend to be maintained by the creator of the website "the Web Master" and are suitable for those businesses that do not require the ability to update the website content themselves or to save information to a system database.

CMS Website

CMS Websites provided by Group Piex are custom built to requirement and specification, a CMS is a content management system, which enables you to keep content updated on the website which can be anything from general information to gallery photos. A more advanced CMS could include storage and display of booking details received submitted from a customer on your website, or you may require a login area on your website for clients to login to, for retrieval of information or you may want to be able to list a range of products on your website and have the capability to edit those products or further increase your range of products by adding new ones, no matter how simple or advanced you require your CMS to be, we are certainly able to discuss requirements and build a specification that'll go beyond expectations.

Responsive Web Design

We build all client websites to be Responsive. What is Responsive Web Design? it simply means a website which is built by utilising responsive techniques, the website will adapt to the screen size it's being viewed on, smart phones and tablets will be served the same website as per a desktop computer user would receive, yet it'll automatically be reformatted to serve the viewer with a new layout best suited to their devices screen for an overall improved user-experience whilst browsing the website. No more worries for when new devices are released, Responsive Web Design is future proof, gain more mobile visitors with Responsive Web Design!

Why is Responsive Design important

It's the preferred mobile-friendly configuration method by Google and will reward you for having a Responsive mobile friendly website. There's no need for a separate Mobile website, Responsive Design takes care of it all. What are the other reasons? well, It's easier to manage, and better for SEO, with there being no need for a separate mobile SEO campaign. One website, all devices, providing your users with an excellent on-site experience. Google is all for serving users with the best experience!

Responsive Web Design Options

We appreciate every business has it's own individual requirements for their website which can vary amongst industries, therefore we will discuss and plan a direction most suited to your business, we are able to develop a solution for businesses of all sizes. Working with Group Piex opens the door to many possibilities of furthering your on-line presence, we take the time to learn your business for a long-term relation.

Responsive Web Design is suitable for all type of websites, whether you require an Informational site displaying of services, or a website for show casing a product or vehicle range, or even an E-commerce website for sale of products.

If you require help deciding on what the best route is for your new or existing website, please send us a brief e-mail and we'll be happy to assist. The possibilities are endless when it comes to having a professional website built, if you have any ideas in mind about your ideal website, drop us a line and we're the ones to make it happen!