Web Application Development Derby

Web Applications are the ideal product for delivering on-line services and solutions, Web Applications are accessed specifically and securely through the Web Browser (i.e Google Crome) and are cross-compatible with all devices and operating systems, meaning you can access the Web App on any device including Smart Phones, Tablets, Notebooks and Desktop Computers, including any location, in the office, at home or on the go.

Web Application Examples

What can Web Applications consist of? there are many uses for a Web Application, for example, lets say you are a Car Dealership, you have many cars available and one requirement you have is that you would like to display these on your website for your potential customers to view, so first things first, you require a Web Application built to specification, you would like to be able to add unlimited cars to manage and enter various Vehicle details e.g Make, Model, Description, Price, all these details you input would be stored into the Web Applications Database, and be displayed on your website which would allow customers to easily browse and filter through the selection of Vehicles you have to offer. You as the Car Dealership are in full control of your stock to manage, add, edit and delete. We could go one step further and allow for customers to make offers and buy-now through the website, which the customers offers and purchases will be accessible to you the owner, to approve and process, through the Web Application.

Web Applications can be built to manage various business activities..

  • Book Keeping
  • Client Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Support
  • Statistics
  • Stock Management
  • Financial Reports
  • Report Generation

Migrate To A Web Application?

If you are one of many companies that currently use Windows based Software Application to manage your business activities, you may find it's interface and navigation very difficult and time consuming to use, Windows Software can be some what old-school in appearance and a nightmare to use! in this case, it's time for a modern approach to the solution, a custom built Web Application, it can simplify your workload and lesson time managing your business activities, not forgetting it comes with all the benefits of being accessed through the Web Browser, supports all devices and no limits for future on-going development.

Contact us to discuss what the options are for moving away from your Windows Software.

Web Application Programming Languages

We specialise mainly in PHP, MySQL, JS, with various frameworks, libraries and techniques to build custom Web Application solutions to include jQuery and Ajax methods.

Web Application built to specification

You may provide a detailed project specification list and we will develop as per your detailed specification, otherwise we can help you to draw up the perfect web application specification based requirements and notes.

SaaS Web Application

SaaS "Software as a Service" Web Apps are the perfect solution if you are wanting to provide users with a licensed subscription based service or solution.

What can SaaS Web Apps be used for? well for a quick example, you have come up with a unique idea or a new twist to a current solution "better than the competitors", lets say it's a service that helps companies manage their business activities and enables them to generate reports based on the data input, this report data could include mathematical data. The SaaS Web Application will be available for users to quickly signup, pay a monthly or annual subscription and start using the web application service straight away.

Dating Web Application

Are you looking to have a dating web app built with unique features? we can develop all types of Social Network related Web Applications based on your requirements, the user side can include profiles, messaging, live chat, search facilities, GPS locator, subscriptions and any unique features that you have thought of to make your dating website stand out from the rest.

Directory Listings Web Application

Do you have a unique idea for a Directory listing user based website? we have the knowledge and skills at hand to custom develop all types of Web Application based websites, with various user interactions and features to implement making it a modern take on the standard directory listing website.