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Derby E-commerce Setup

We have created various E-commerce websites ranging from simple to complex setups, some of which involve selling products that require calculations for made to measure items, for example; carpet and flooring, no matter what type of product your business sells, we will be able to develop a store suited to your individual business.

If you require help deciding on what's the best route for your on-line e-commerce website, please send us a brief e-mail and we'll be happy to assist.

Bespoke E-commerce Features

Industries vary and so do product types, so it can be a difficult and time consuming task to find an out of the box e-commerce solution for certain type of companies that would like to sell on-line, for this reason, our bespoke development services play an important role to achieve all requirements.

A few of the businesses that have difficulties finding an e-commerce solution tend to be those that are in the business of selling custom made to measure products, this can include carpet and flooring | curtain and blinds suppliers to printed clothing wholesalers.

Businesses that sell carpets and flooring require their customers to be able to purchase in custom width and length square metres, and by the square metre pack. This means the customer should be able to enter their width and length measurements to calculate the total amount of product required.

Businesses that sell made to measure curtains and blinds operate on a similar level to the carpet and flooring business in terms of requiring customers to input their custom width and length measurements, although they differentiate with how prices are calculated, carpet is calculated by the square metre, and curtains are calculated from a pricing grid table, nevertheless both ways are completely achievable.